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Recommended Reading List

Please see the below recommended reading lists for your children. 

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Half Term Information Sheet

 Please see the below Half Term Information Sheet, which contains general information about Autumn Term 1.

Special Mentions

 Week 1

This week Special Mention has been given to...Sycamore Class! Every member of the class has brought an amazing attitude to their first week at school and to our new class. The children have worked hard across all lessons and produced some lovely work. Well done Sycamore - let's keep up the great attitude and work!

Week 2

It has been difficult to choose Sycamore's Special Mention this week, as there has been such wonderful work produced by all children in the class across our various subjects, alongside some lovely pieces of homework brought into class. The children have displayed great learning attitudes - well done Sycamore.

However, I'm pleased to award Sycamore's second Special Mention to Kera. Kera has worked really hard and has produced some super work, both on her own and in a group. Kera's character description in Mission English was excellent, including some lovely adjectives. Well done Kera!

Week 3

I'm happy to say the children made our job of choosing Special Mention very hard this week, as there has been brilliant work produced in class and also some super homework brought into class.

This week's Special Mention goes to Jen for her great attitude to learning. Jen has worked consistently hard across all lessons producing some great work. Jen also brought into school two lovely pieces of space art work, as part of her homework. Well done Jen!

Week 4

Again, the job of choosing Special Mention was very difficult this week, as so many children in Sycamore have worked extremely hard, challenging themselves and bringing a brilliant learning attitude to the classroom. Keep it up Sycamore!

However, I'm pleased to award this week's Special Mention to Isabell. Isabell comes into school everyday with a beautiful, big smile on her face, and works really hard across all lessons. Even if there are challenges in a lesson or something a little bit tricky, Isabell applies herself and 'never gives up'. This is a super quality - well done Isabell. 

Week 5

It has proven difficult again choosing Special Mention, as some super work has been produced throughout the week with great learning and sharing attitudes being brought to the classroom (and outside for P.E.). Well done Sycamore!

However, this week's Special Mention goes to someone who I believe I could happily give Special Mention to every week, and that is Olivia. Olivia has worked consistently hard across all lessons, applying and challenging herself, producing some brilliant work. Olivia can often be found at the front of the class, especially in Maths, modelling her strategies and sharing her ideas with the class. Well done Olivia!

Week 6

Again, Sycamore have not made it easy to choose Special Mention, as some brilliant work has been produced in the classroom and also at home as part of the children's homework activities - well done Sycamore!

With that being said, I'm happy to award this week's Special Mention to Lexi. Lexi works hard and applies herself in all lessons, every day of the school week, producing lovely work with great care. Lexi is also one of the children chosen to type her letter (written in Mission English), ready to send to the first British astronaut in space, Tim Peake. Well done Lexi! 

Week 7

I'm pleased to say Sycamore are continuing to make the job of choosing Special Mention a difficult task! The children have been working hard in the classroom and also at home, producing some lovely work in class and amazing Space themed homework - keep it up Sycamore!

However, I'm pleased to award this week's Special Mention to Brad P. Brad works hard across all areas of our curriculum, always pushing himself, being ready and able for the next challenge. Brad has also produced a range of brilliant homework; the information text he brought into school this week looked so professional and well made we thought he had picked it up from an actual space centre!  Well done Brad!

Week 8

In true Sycamore style the class have once again made the task of choosing a Special Mention difficult! The children have worked hard across all lessons, especially challenging themselves in Maths, preparing for the 'Countdown Challenge'! The children have brought brilliant learning attitudes to the classroom this half term, challenging themselves, and sharing their work and ideas, which has been lovely to see. The quality of homework produced has also been wonderful. Well done Sycamore - keep it up!

However, with that being said, I'm pleased to award this week's Special Mention to Zac. Zac works consistently hard across all lessons, both in the classroom and during our indoor and outdoor P.E. lessons. Zac comes to school everyday with a smile on his face, ready to learn and to challenge himself. He's also written a super space poem in Mission English this week. Well done Zac!


Week 1

This week CHAS has been given to Rosie. Rosie has shown great kindness by helping other members of the class and teaching staff. Rosie has also worked really hard to share her ideas with the class. Rosie was especially kind when she worked with and helped another member of the class to complete the 'Get to know your class' activity. Well done Rosie!

The classroom has been filled with CHAS and kindness by all members of the class this week. Again, well done Sycamore - let's work together to maintain a CHAS classroom. 

Week 2

Sycamore's second CHAS has been given to Freddie. Freddie has shown great kindness this week - this has been both inside and outside the classroom. Freddie has volunteered support to different members of the class in a number of lessons this week, especially showing CHAS qualities in Mission Geography and PE. Well done Freddie!

Again, Sycamore's classroom has been filled with many acts of kindness,  which is an absolute joy to see. Well done Sycamore - let's continue our CHAS attitude, promoting kindness in our classroom. 

Week 3

This week's CHAS has been given to Ethan. Ethan consistently displays lovely manners and is a very helpful member of the class. Ethan offers his help to other members of the class and also to teaching staff both in class and around school. Well done Ethan!

Choosing CHAS was also difficult this week, as there are so many helpful members of the class, with many acts of kindness being seen throughout our Week 3. Well done Sycamore - let's continue working together to promote a CHAS classroom.

Week 4

CHAS has been awarded this week to Gracie (Yoxall). Gracie is always helpful, always kind and has consistently demonstrated CHAS qualities from the first day we joined together as Sycamore class. Gracie is well known by both teaching staff and pupils for being a kind and caring member of our school. Well done Gracie!

I am happy to say that choosing CHAS was not easy again this week, as there has been so much kindness in our classroom. I was particularly proud of Sycamore this week, as the preparation for Macmillan has not been easy for all members of our class, but the kind words and actions of support have been lovely to see. Keep it up Sycamore. 

Week 5

This week CHAS has been given to Caydon. Caydon is a very polite and helpful member of the class. Caydon is especially kind when the younger children in school come into our class to return the school Ipads, showing them where and how to put them away. Caydon also helped a member of Sycamore this week when they were feeling upset, offering to sit with them until they felt happier. Well done Caydon.

Again, choosing CHAS was not easy, as there have been so many acts of kindness in our classroom this week. It was especially nice to see Sycamore supporting each other in class this week, both in the classroom and outside during P.E. Well done Sycamore - keep it up! 

Week 6

Sycamore's CHAS this week has been awarded to Katie. Katie is a kind and helpful member of the class, offering everyday to help with jobs. Katie also displays lovely manners and is always polite, which is lovely to see and hear. Well done Katie!

It makes me happy when our job of choosing CHAS in Sycamore is not easy. It is not easy, as there have been so many wonderful acts of kindness and CHAS qualities displayed by so many members of our class this week. Thank you Sycamore, CHAS qualities help make our classroom a happy classroom and a better learning environment for all. Well done - keep it up Sycamore! 

Week 7

CHAS this week has been given to Brooke. CHAS has not been given to Brooke because of one specific CHAS act of kindness today or this week, but rather because Brooke displays CHAS qualities every day of every week. Brooke is helpful and polite, and is well known in class for her kindness. Well done Brooke.

Once again, choosing CHAS was not easy, as there are so many CHAS acts throughout our classroom, as the children work together, share their work, ideas and support each other. This is lovely to see, not only in the classroom, but also as the children work together in P.E.  Well done Sycamore!

Week 8

This week CHAS has been awarded to Aimee. Aimee is a polite, helpful and friendly member of our class and is someone who I believe we could happily award CHAS to every week in Sycamore. Aimee may be at times a quieter member of the class, but her CHAS qualities certainly do not go unnoticed. Well done Aimee.

Choosing CHAS for our last celebration assembly of Autumn 1 half term was not easy, as once again there have been so many wonderful acts of kindness and CHAS qualities displayed in our classroom and around school by Sycamore pupils. Thank you Sycamore for bringing so much kindness and lovely manners to our classroom and I know you will keep it up next half term. Well done Sycamore! 


Please see the below Homework Booklet for information about the various homework activities for Autumn 1 half term. 

Some lovely pieces of homework have been brought into class, which have been shared with the class, and are on display within our classroom. Some photos of the wonderful work have been added below. Keep up the great work Sycamore, and thank you parents/carers for your continued support. 

Picture Gallery


Roald Dahl Day - 13 September 2018.

In Sycamore we enjoyed dressing up as our favourite Roald Dahl characters! So much effort has been put into the character designs and clothing/costumes. Well done Sycamore (and thank you parents/carers), I think we all look great! 

However, we still had work to do in class...!

In Mission History we learnt about space travel timelines; the children then enjoyed researching their chosen event from space travel!

Monday 17 September 2018.

In Computing today we discussed 'effective searching' and search techniques, and how this can help us when we are researching in our other lessons (and in the future). The children then enjoyed putting our discussions into practice, as they 'tried and tested' effective searching, helping them to answer a variety of questions.

Tuesday 25 September 2018.

In Mission English today our learning focus has been upon biographies. The children also researched key information about the famous British astronaut Tim Peake, completing their biography planning sheet, so they have all the information and key facts they need in order to write their own biography about Tim Peake later this week. 

Friday 28 September 2018.

In Sycamore we wanted to show our support for the Macmillan Coffee Afternoon in school today by making not only our yummy chocolate cornflakes buns, but also a selection of lovely posters to advertise the event. You can see below how hard the children worked, producing mouth-watering buns and eye-catching posters.

A big thank you to Mrs Broom and Mrs Spence for helping the children make our buns so beautifully. 

Friday 5 October 2018.

As part of their homework Zac and Jen made some lovely space themed biscuits, which they kindly shared with the class. To see all children leaving with a biscuit in hand and a smile on their face was definitely a 'sweet' way to end our busy Week 5!

Thursday 11 October 2018

Sycamore enjoyed a hands on, practical lesson in double Mission this afternoon, as we not only learnt about constellations, but the children then chose their favourite constellation to recreate using card, crayons and needlework. 

The children all worked hard and produced some beautiful constellations, which when held against the light or in front of a torch appear to twinkle like stars in the night sky. They were proud of their work, and so am I. Well done Sycamore (the photo does not do the wonderful work justice).

Friday 12 October 2018

The children worked hard in Mission Maths, using their knowledge of 4-digit additions and subtractions to solve a range of word problems. Well done to all in Sycamore for challenging yourself. 

Tuesday 16 October 2018

The children enjoyed our 'show and/or tell' session this afternoon, sharing their stories, activities and achievements. Jake and Caydon were particularly proud to share their achievements with the class, bringing in their trophy (Jake) and medal (Caydon). Well done boys! 

Thursday 18 October 2018

In Mission this afternoon the children worked hard to write their applications for 'Mission Mars'. The children included reasons such as why they would like to travel to Mars, why they should be selected, the potential difference thy could make to the world if they were to travel to Mars, and impressing me with their knowledge of Mars, gained through their space research.  

Thursday 25 October 2018

The children enjoyed taking park in our school Spelling Bee and Countdown Challenge today. Most members of the class challenged themselves by going onto the stage at different points of the morning, and those who chose not to participate on stage, still took part by supporting their friends and peers. Well done Sycamore - I'm proud of each and every one of you.