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Half Term Information Sheet

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Spring terms's Special Mentions

12th January 2018- After a fabulous week returning to school, Oak class had two worthy Special Mentions: Addison and Ellicia. Addison offered excellently insightful answers in mission English this week whilst Ellicia's writing was exemplary, including all the features we were looking for!



Spring term's CHAS

12th January 2017 - Evie S. for always being caring, considerate and inclusive with her peers in class and on the playground!

Homework This is your child's mission possible homework booklet for autumn 1. The home learning activities are linked to the mission that your children will be focusing on and they will be carefully chosen to develop different skills in relation to a variety of curriculum subjects. 

What we've been doing this week

17th November

In Literacy, we have been looking at and writing winter poems- look out for them on our winter display soon! 

In Mission we have been researching the life of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. The children have also made a start making some fossils of their own. 

10th November

 In mission maths the children have been looking at the properties of 3D shapes and problem solving using nets. They've even made some 3D sculptures outside of the classroom. 


During Literacy the children have started reading descriptions and unpicking the language used to paint a vivid picture in the readers mind. Watch this space for our own amazing descriptions next week. 


In Mission the children have been finding out which countries produce what food, when it is harvested and how it is harvested. We couldn't believe how far some of our food has traveled. 

On Friday, the children had the opportunity to work with a French teacher from Snaith High School- they sang songs, played games and had a vocabulary shoot out! 

Wow moments!

15th December 2017

In P.E. this week, Ellicia and Evie H. performed tremendously in our Christmas football tournament, demonstrating perseverance and good communication while Sam M. showed great leadership in his team, assisting his teammates. Rosie, Xander and Bridget all produced fantastic answers in class reading time when asked to analyse the relationship between characters in our class book, The Boy in Striped Pyjamas. All maths groups also deserve a 'wow' mention for their Christmas coordinates work and not giving up.

8th December 2017 

The Starfish group and Sam R. produced some fabulous work in Mission this week. This week's maths involved dividing fractions with Rosie, Ben W and Lauren exhibiting effort and persistence throughout; Sam M also performed magnificently when confronted with dividing fractions in the form of word problems. Lola and Ellisia also impressed in literacy this week. Well done Oak Class, keep it up!

20th October 2017

Bridget, Ella, Mia, Jake and Ben H for their amazing creative writing this week- they all used a range of figurative language and their presentation was beautiful. 

Christie for his effort and determination to complete his recipe for our class cook book- it sounds amazing! 

10th November 2017

Sam Mundy for supporting his peers in class- Sam has completed his own work to a high standard and then supported his classmates and shared his ideas. 

 All the children have started some amazing writing in literacy this week based on our mission work. We have some wonderful descriptive writing and I cant wait to see how they develop next week. Well done everyone! 


17th November 2017

Dylan, Oscar, Kaeden, Benjamin White, Bridget, Ella and Evie H for some amazing research about the different fossils found from the different eras. Their work was presented to such a high standard and full of of interesting facts.

1st December 2017

This week in maths, Kaeden, Addison, Lola and Max for a their fantastic work multiplying fractions.  Mission has been involved researching animals and how they've adapted to their environment; Billy, Kaeden and Rose produced some an excellent polar bear fact file. Jake also brought in a wonderful Christmas shape poem as part of Autumn 2's homework. 

Picture gallery

Key Stage 2 had a wonderful time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, we got up close to come of the animals we have been researching and met a conservation expert. 

One of our 3D structures
One of our 3D structures

Going hunting for writing ideas
Going hunting for writing ideas

Found some!
Found some!

During our French afternoon we played- Vocabulary shootout!
During our French afternoon we played- Vocabulary shootout!

French afternoon!
French afternoon!